My name is Lee Daugherty and I am the owner and trainer at BEAST. Over the years I have completed nearly two dozen marathons, 1/2 marathons and obstacle races. I know what it takes to reach your fitness goals. If you're ready for results and finished with excuses, come try BEAST for a week at no charge.

Group fitness, youth fitness and personal training is available. Whether you're training for your first 5K​, marathon or obstacle race, BEAST has helped many people just like you reach their goals. You'll find the environment at BEAST welcoming yet challenging.  

Most workouts are 30-45 minutes and can be modified to accommodate most fitness levels from beginner to advanced. All workouts will contain a variety of strength and endurance exercises to provide you with a well rounded training regimen.

I've made it my mission in life to help people live strong and vibrant lives through exercise. If you're reading this page then your heart is telling you to make a change. There are no fad diets, exercise gimmicks or other short term "solutions" at BEAST. Basic exercises performed with intensity and proper technique combined with sensible nutrition habits is my recipe for success.

Weekday morning, mid-morning, evening and Saturday morning sessions are available. Personal training is by appointment only. Contact me today for schedule and pricing.